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We are a private Pediatric Therapy practice that focuses on screening, evaluating, and treating children in independent schools in Chattanooga, Tennessee. We specialize in Pediatric OT, Pediatric SLP, and Pediatric Clinical Psychology. We believe in a team approach to create a unique framework that is individualized to each child. We work with children and their parents, and we collaborate with teachers so that therapy is continued in the classroom as well as during our 1:1 sessions. We look forward to helping your child be their best selves! 


Therapist. Child. Parent. Teacher 

A team approach paving the way for kids to succeed.

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Pediatric Occupational Therapy Services

Focus on helping a child be prepared to navigate the world by using play and therapeutic techniques to address play skills, self-care, and academic readiness

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Pediatric Speech Therapy Services

We focus on improving a wide range of communication skills with the goal to improve verbal and nonverbal speech/language skills in order to increase self-esteem, social and academic skills

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Clinical and Developmental Psychology Services

Clinical Psychology: Providing comprehension neuropsychoeducational evaluations for school age children through young adulthood who may experience neurodivergent skills related to intellectual functioning, learning and memory, attention, executive functioning, behavioral functioning, and psychosocial functioning. Evaluations are designed to assess the unique needs of every individual, including extensive tailored recommendations based on test findings.”

Developmental Psychology: Providing a broad range of topics that address key aspects of parenting, child behavior, and mental health. Providing valuable insights into the complexities of modern parenting, including the impact of technology, parenting styles, emotion regulation, and resilience in children grounded in the latest research and focuses on practical strategies to support parents and children alike.

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Ready to Take the First Step?

If you are looking for more insight about whether your child would benefit from therapy services, fill out the parent-teacher checklists for OT, Speech Therapy, and Clinical Psychology. If you have spoken with a neuroBridge therapist and are ready to begin the process, there are a few forms you'll need to fill out in advance.

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Making an Impact

"Truly Remarkable"

The difference in our son’s behavior and social skills is truly remarkable. Since beginning Occupational Therapy, we’ve seen him increase in his overall confidence and independence in ways we never imagined possible. Prior to therapy he was the child who avoided eye contact, acted out in social settings, and was generally not in control of his emotions. 


"We Were Struggling"

We cannot say enough positive things about neuroBridge! Our son has made remarkable strides since starting therapy sessions. We were struggling with some daily tasks like dressing, as well as some school tasks secondary to his sensitivity issues. We have been able to discuss plans and techniques with our nB OT that have made life so much easier.


"Helped Our Students"

The OT's at neuroBridge have helped many of our students become aware of their own bodies and their growth in many areas including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and language. We see the benefit of the activities they do with students in their academic growth. They have also spent their time helping teachers learn how to identify students needing neuroBridge intervention.


"Instrumental Services"

...It is my pleasure to recommend neuroBridge to any school or organization that is seeking skilled therapists who are dedicated to utilizing effective techniques, strategies, and frameworks that are individualized to each student’s needs and area(s) of focus. The services they provide support our students’ growth and development which is instrumental in them reaching their fullest potential.


We have served children from:

Belvoir Christian Academy . Baylor School . Brainerd Baptist School. The Bright School . Chattanooga Christian School . Collegedale Academy . E Kids . First Centenary United Methodist . Girls Preparatory School . Good Shepherd . Hickory Christian School . Highland Plaza United Methodist . The King School . The McCallie School . The Montessori School . OLPH . Signal Mountain Christian School . Silverdale Baptist Academy . Skyuka Hall . St. Peter’s Episcopal School . St. Jude School . St. Martin’s Preschool . St. Nicholas School . Tree of Knowledge . UTC Preschool – Brown Academy and Battle Academy .  

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