Take a look at a few of what our clients have to say about neuroBridge.


At The Montessori School, we strive to provide a solid educational foundation for our students using a holistic approach. This approach encompasses the academic, social, emotional components as well as the incorporation of services that are available on-site for the students that we serve. The neuroBridge staff consists of experienced individuals who are knowledgeable in the areas of screening, evaluating, and determining the appropriate therapy services that are needed for our students. The students enjoy the interaction with the therapists during their sessions. The parents appreciate the added benefit from the sessions as well. They find the thorough updates from the therapists regarding what was accomplished during the sessions as well as feedback on what activities can be incorporated at home to be extremely beneficial. The teachers and administrators also find the services and support offered by the neuroBridge staff beneficial. At The Montessori School, we understand the importance of a home, school, and community partnership. Working collaboratively with the teachers, and the administrators, the neuroBridge team is committed to assist in ensuring that all students they provide therapy for attain goals that are specific to their growth and progress. We are grateful for our partnership with neuroBridge and we value having their exceptional team provide occupational, speech and language, and/or clinical psychology services on-site for our students. It is my pleasure to recommend neuroBridge to any school or organization that is seeking skilled therapists who are dedicated to utilizing effective techniques, strategies, and frameworks that are individualized to each student’s needs and area(s) of focus. The services they provide support our students’ growth and development which is instrumental in them reaching their fullest potential. 
—Allison Driver, Head of School, MAOM The Montessori School


The difference in our son’s behavior and social skills is truly remarkable. Since beginning Occupational Therapy, we’ve seen him increase in his overall confidence and independence in ways we never imagined possible. Prior to therapy he was the child who avoided eye contact, acted out in social settings, and was generally not in control of his emotions. Today he routinely engages in conversation without prompting, makes eye contact in his interactions, and controls his behavior and emotions despite the circumstances. He now enjoys playing outside, throwing a ball with friends, and trying new foods and experiences. These are common behaviors for most children, but our son needed extra help in developing the self control and discipline necessary for such activities. I could not be prouder of him or more impressed with all that neuroBridge has done to help him reach his full potential." 
— Jessica (parent)


"The OT's at neuroBridge have helped many of our students become aware of their own bodies and their growth in many areas including fine motor skills, gross motor skills, speech and language. We see the benefit of the activities they do with students in their academic growth. They have also spent their time helping teachers learn how to identify students needing neuroBridge intervention. They have always offered strategies and activities that can be used in the classroom to benefit students as well. We welcome them to our school gladly!!" 
— Regina Ateca, Assistant Head of School, Brainerd Baptist


"We cannot say enough positive things about neuroBridge! Our son has made remarkable strides since starting therapy sessions. We were struggling with some daily tasks like dressing, as well as some school tasks secondary to his sensitivity issues. We have been able to discuss plans and techniques with our nB OT that have made life so much easier. Our son is mastering so many of his lessons now. Our family has truly benefited from investing in neuroBridge. With many thanks," 
— Aimee (parent)

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